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'A strategic technology agency', some say. 'Nerds', others say. We ourselves, for one. If we're honest. We just really love to write good code.

But that's not the whole story. Technology is only interesting when it's about people. So we don't just want to program something that is useful—we want our work to be friendly, too.

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To give you an idea of what we're about, here are 10 things we love very much:

Do you remember how much fun it was to build something with LEGO? We have that with building apps, websites, connected devices, games, voice assistants and VR stuff. Practically all people at Q42 can program, even our projectleaders and our interaction designers, which we call interaction engineers. Technology gives you super powers, and we cannot get enough of it!

End Users
Technology is only interesting when people are involved. Our developers, especially our front-end mobile and web developers, are always involved in interaction design. Some things you can only really design properly when you are developing it. Responsive behavior for example, or transitions. For us a solid UX design also takes into account the 1001 things that are usually overlooked. Such as the 'unhappy flow', accessibility and security.

Building the right thing
Are you familiar with the 'why'-phase children go through? We got stuck in that phase a bit. We like to get to the core of things. And then come up with a solution together that will make you smile. That way we develop and build solutions together that have a valuable impact.

Excellent partners
We are not a full service agency, but we do offer full service. Our clients want to be looked after of course, so we have excellent partners to provide other services. Our friends from Fabrique for example, for when we need a brilliant designer on the team. Or Polteq, who have turned software testing into an art.

Learning things
Q-ers are specialists with a broad field of interests, or T-shaped if you will. We love to learn, experiment and play with new tech as much as possible. Like with our Passiontime, where every Q-er gets free time to do what he or she wants. But also with extra training, sometimes externally but which we also organise internally under the name 'Q University'. Usually this is orientated specifically around our field of expertise, but sometimes just outside of it too. We organized a typography course for example, a storytelling workshop and a race-drone-building project. This enriched us immensely and as it turns out, is surprisingly valuable in our daily work.

Pragmatic solutions
Good developers are lazy. (Lazy developers are not always good, but that's another story.) That is why we always try to develop pragmatic and clever solutions rather then just putting in a lot of hours. You can see this in our architectural choices for example, where we tend to steer towards cloud solutions which require little maintenance and system administration. That way we can spend our time on what we like to do: developing valuable things.

Some project agencies secretly dream about developing their own products when they grow up. We do that too, our own products, but we consciously choose to continue to do project work. This is because we love to work with people who enjoy their work just as much as we do. Our agile way of working is focussed on creating a synergy with each other so our goals are the same. Because working together on a beautiful product is the best thing there is!

The right tool for the right job
Every problem is different. Therefore we have no fixed solution. Whether we do a project in .NET, Node.js or serverless, with React, Vue.js or Meteor, and whether we develop our apps native, hybrid or with React Native, it all depends on the question. Let's get to the core of the question together before we answer it.

'Oh wow'-moments
At Q42 we believe in the power of wonder. Little 'Oh wow'-moments like "Oh wow, this app is really thought through!" or "Oh wow, the loader in the PostNL app is really cool!". But also bigger oh wow-moments like "Oh wow, this is the internet we were promised" about the Garden of Earthly Delights or "Oh wow, English lessons are suddenly cool!" about Blink's grooveme. We work harder for things that help us create a little more wonder in the world.

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