El Niño ICT
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We believe we can help people and companies use (internet) technology to improve their lives and business in many ways. We have made our goal to improve the Internet ecosystem by using our technical knowledge and expertise to build robust and advanced solutions.

We do this by making apps, Magento webshops and custom made systems. Our strength is to combine these different tools to create an ecosystem that digitalizes as much as possible to make our lives easier.

Our collaboration with S.A. Proto emphasizes our passion and dedication to work with talented people that can help us all build and improve this ecosystem. By investing in future generations we can definitely reach our goals!

Want to take part in our adventure? Check out our Get a Job Page! We can’t wait to meet you!

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Hi student! You’re probably on the verge of an important decision: finding a challenging starters job. How well do you know yourself? What are your talents and most importantly: what is your passion? This is exactly where Procam comes in, helping fresh graduates with our CareerCraft Academy. We have over 100 IT starters jobs spread over more than 40 organizations. You decide where you want to work. Once you have started your awesome new job, Procam offers complementary training, coaching, knowledge sharing sessions and exciting workshops over the course of 2 years. We help you make the right decisions by focusing on questions like ‘who am I?’, ‘what am I capable of?’ and ‘what do I want to do?’.

Procam summarized:

• Together with you, we find the most fitting start of your career after your graduation.
• You choose the starters job that suits you best.
• You’ll be assigned an independent and experienced coach.
• You plan your training program together with your coach.
• You’ll have access to offline and online courses.
• We offer workshops, brainstorm sessions, networking drinks and a buddy program.
• You’ll earn a competitive starting salary.
• You’ll profit from a traineeship which has been named ‘IT Traineeshp of the Year’ 3 years in a row.

Our only objective is helping you set up an inspiring career. It all starts with a cup of coffee at Procam, without any other obligations. Sign up now at www.procam.nl or call us at +31 (0)33-4653205.

Feel Inspired. Be Outstanding.

Unit 4 Multivers
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Multivers is a company that sells accounting software for companies, and sponsors the accounting software Proto uses.

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Achmea is market leader in the Dutch insurance business. We market our products and services through well-known brands such as Centraal Beheer Achmea, FBTO, Interpolis and Zilveren Kruis Achmea, offering the full range of distribution channels – direct writing, bank and broker – offering our customers freedom of choice.

At Achmea we aim to position ourselves as an innovative player in all our markets. Our mindset is a balanced stakeholder approach, rather than focusing primarily on shareholders. Our stakeholders are customers, distribution partners, shareholders and employees. We try to create value for all of these.

Our passion
At Achmea we take care of our customers when it comes to safety, health and financial assets. Our way of doing this is by using innovative products and solutions. This can only be done with the combined knowledge and effort of our whole workforce. In total almost 15.000 people work at Achmea.

Becoming the most trustworthy insurer, that’s our goal. Creating value for all of our stakeholders, especially our customers. This is aligned with our cooperative roots. To become the most trustworthy insurer we have to deliver high quality services and products. Surpassing the expectations of our customers by continuous improvement. By focussing on cost reduction and more flexible solutions we prepare ourselves for the customer of the future.

What we look for
At Achmea we value inspirational people who are open to learning from one another. Collaboration is key in performing best for our customers, distribution partners and employees. This is why we look we look for the right people and not only for the best people.

Do you have an academic degree? Are you flexible, resourceful and energetic? Would you like to work at a commercial company where social issues are linked to daily business? Do you take on a broad perspective of the world? Than you could be the one we are looking for!

Want to know more?
At our website www.werkenbijachmea.nl you can read about the different career options at Achmea and find our current job opportunities. Also take a look at the IT Traineeship Vacancy

At Achmea we offer excellent working conditions in a modern and enthusiastic environment. We value human capital as the most important asset of our company.

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The people we all rely on to make the world go round – they rely on Thales. In the Netherlands, we are located in four cities: Huizen, Delft, Eindhoven and Hengelo (HQ). Are you looking for an interesting job, internship or graduation project within a nice team in an international and high tech environment? Check www.thalescareers.nl for the most up-to-date vacancies!

Innovatie Cluster Drachten
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We are a group of high-tech companies in the Northern Netherlands that work together on solutions
for the major challenges of the future ‘on the edge of technology’. We call this our ‘big 5’ of high-tech:
‘the internet of things’, big data, robotics, 3D printing and alternative energy. We do this by using state-
of-the-art high-tech or, where necessary, developing it ourselves. This is possible thanks to the unique
collaboration of our R&D departments, in which mutual competition has given way to strengthening
each other. The result is more than 50 new products every year worldwide. Products that save people’s
lives, make the operation of complex systems child-friendly, tailor products to the individual wishes and
needs of consumers and make data accessible to improve the quality of food. We are Innovationcluster
Drachten: ‘The heart of the smart factory region’ of North-West Europe.

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Start your career right with a job at Accenture.

From day one you will start your learning journey and apply your talents in diverse projects and campaigns with leading companies such as KLM, Adidas and Mercedes. Together with a talented international team of individuals you will solidify the first steps of your future career.

With an average age of 31 years old Accenture offers a dynamic and inspiring work environment where you will get constant opportunities to take on new challenging projects. By working alongside our clients, you will get a unique insight into their business and combine expertise with individuals form multiple industries to find innovative solutions.

You develop and implement concepts and strategies enabling clients to have superior performance and remain flexible – so that they can respond quickly to new developments and disruption. Constantly supported by a team of experts: our worldwide network and knowledge are always at your disposal.

About Accenture
Accenture is a company where change and innovation can be found in its core. We operate in the fields of Strategy & Consulting, Interactive, Technology and Operations. Our global community consists of 510,000 employees, operating in over 120 different countries. So, if you aspire to work internationally, we are the company for you. Through the combination of industry expertise, spread across multiple sectors, we have a network of incredibly divers clients across the world.

At Accenture we prioritize your personal development. From LinkedIn guides to online development courses, you can shape your own unique learning curve. Through the many challenging campaigns and projects, you will undoubtedly acquire new skills and knowledge to develop your own professional portfolio. Your personal development is an ongoing process here at Accenture.

More information

Interested in working for Accenture and are you curious about the different possibilities we offer at Accenture? We would love to connect with you!

Connect with one of our recruiters here

Check out our current vacancies (Graduates here , Students here).

Get to know us at one of our events

For more information about Accenture, look at our website

Or see more in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONs6Jqh8Y7w&t=1s

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Looking for an internship, first job or traineeship?

Are you looking for an internship, graduate job or traineeship? On Magnet.me you can find internships, graduate jobs and traineeships at over 5,000 employers - ranging from tech start-ups to multinationals like Philips, ASML and Shell.

How does it work?
At Magnet.me they understand that it is not always easy to find the perfect graduate job or internship. To make it a easier for you to find a job or internship you love, just create a personal Magnet.me profile where you can specify your preferences and interests. After you’ve created a profile you will directly see an overview of which opportunities you are qualified for and which companies would like to connect with you based on your profile. You can search, like or apply for jobs directly, connect with companies and be approached directly by recruitment teams of graduate employers.

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