The sport Committee of S.A. Proto. Probably the most awesome committee. Behold our awesomeness....! Do you notice those abs? Yes, they are real and you can get them too by joining our awesome sport related activities!

Remember the good old times, you run to papa and mama after your team wins on rope pull. No? Maybe you were that "special kid" winning pity trophy.

During SportCie events you earn points based on your participation and performance, and even failure! Like proud parents we are watching you, and awarding points to you so far in our SportCieLympics.

You win points in SportCieLympics by:
-Participating in the event
-Being good
-Being bad
-Being special

One can say, having fun is the reward itself, why award points. To them we say: "Fuck you, gimme my pointz and muh prize!"

If you're interested in joining the committee or have any questions, don't hesitate to email us!

E-mail them at