Foundation ICE

Foundation ICE stands for Foundation International Creative Explorations.
This is the organisation responsible for organising the study trip for Creative Technology and Interaction Technology students.
These trips are organised in cooperation with all the participating students, all responsible for different aspects of the trip.

All of these trips have all been far outside of our European borders so far.
In 2014, Explore the Void went to the United states and explored Silicon Valley.
In 2018, ExplorAsia visited South-Korea and Japan.
In the summer of 2021, Breath of Technology will go to Australia and New-Zealand.

Not only do the participants get to experience different countries, cultures and amazing sights, they also experience corporate life.
While on location they visit a variety of companies to learn about creative applications in the field of study that has been attached to that particular trip.
Furthermore in preparation for the trip every student works an assignment with a company here in the Netherlands.
Not only to raise funds for the trip, but also to gain interesting and valuable work experience.

All of this and more can be found on the Foundation ICE website, where you can get a feel of the work that has been put into these trips and their results.

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