You're making a mess of Protopolis ALL THE TIME!
The cake is a lie
You forgot to do your actionpoint, and again..
Loud mouth
We know you're in Proto when we are at the Creative Mind
You bought 5 snickers or more.
Old Fart
You have been a member of Proto for over 5 years.
It’s always 4 o’clock somewhere
You had a month where more than 25% of your OmNomCom purchases were beer
Big Kid
A month where more than 25% of purchases is from the kid friendly category
One Frappuccino, please!
You left your mug unattended overnight and now the board had to clean up your mess. Maybe check the freezer if you want it back...
You were the first to buy a new item!! Woo!!
Sometimes people can't find you, you just blend in with Protopolis...
Board Roller
You were a 'Pedel' during the constitution drink, therefore, we love you!
Protube Stalker
We know you were not in Proto, but how did your music appear?
You Dandy
Buy 3 or more Proto Merchandise
Fristi Member
You're no CreaTer, but still come by for the Fristi.
Run Forrest, run!
Legend has it they are still running the Bata.
At least you tried...
...and still failed, but we still love you.
You have the amazing ability to let your chin completely disappear! and make a very creepy face while doing it.
Making tea for all ya buddies!
Blankets <3
Congrats, you're a living blanket!
F****** tune, mate
You filled Protube with lovely tunes and you got recognised for it! <3
No Life
You have bought the item 'Will to Live' in the OmNomCom more than 777 times.... are you okay?
Good Human
You have donated to a good cause in or outside of Proto!!
Crumble Jar
You barf'd in Proto, gross...
Some people just want to watch the world burn
Black tostis are no good, please watch your tosti next time!
True German
More than 20 Weizen in beer history
I am Bread
You bought more than a 100 croque monsieurs
Big Spender
You had the max money subtracted for 1 month (=€250)
Rugzak vol betreed ik trots de hogeschool
HBO member of Proto.
Camptastic Victory!
It appeared you were part of the best team during ProtoCamp. Either you did well, or you chose well. Good for you!
You done fucked up now!
You have done a very big fuck up, but we still love you very much.
You stayed the night in Proto. We don't know how, but it's achievement worthy!
Your are a meme-master!!
Sugar Daddy
You gifted so much stuff to Proto, we cannot thank you enough!
Gummy Gummy Mouth!
Youfff moufff iffff more ffffan gummy
I am Noodle
You have bought 100 or more Noodles.
Inspirational Idea
You pinned a good idea on the board and now we realised it!
You are a real hacker! Are you sure you don't want to join the Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again committee?
Winner of the Hunger Games.
You hugged a car, stupid mistake
Wow, you're making more coffee than you're drinking. Or.. At least more than the first cup you're drinking..
Member of the month
Apparently you were amazing for a month or so..
House Elf
When the board doesn't watch, suddenly everything is clean <3
Achievement Beast
You obtained 10 achievements or more, good job!
Cry Baby
You bought 15 surprise eggs or more.
Gotta Catch 'Em All!
You have been part of at least 10 different committees.
You're special
More than 15% of your beer purchases is special beer
Cake boss
You are the best at making cake
4ever Committee Member
You have been a member of a committee for more than three years! That's awesome!
Activism = Key
You were an Aiding Activist during any event organised by Proto. We can only say thankyou!
You won the awesome SportCieLympics!
I did a board year at Proto and all I got was this lousy achievement.
All the honorary members <3