Photo by Sterre Kuijper

Welcome to S.A. Proto
Study Association of Creative Technology and Interaction Technology


Throughout the whole curriculum, Creative Technology students are faced with big ideas and little time. Through experience, the students learn to what extent they can develop their prototypes. From quick electrical circuits just to show that it works to advanced prototypes that only need better building materials: CreaTe students have seen it all.

Interaction Technology aims to combine a scientific mindset with specialist technical knowledge. I-Techers analyse, design, validate and implement intelligent interactive systems in their operational context. Recent developments in hardware and computational technologies are used in all kinds of projects. Students are taught to become the new engineer: bridging disciplines within project groups and understanding tech and their users.


Active and eager students from Creative Technology and Interaction Technology come together in Study Association Proto. One thing Proto stands out for is its diverse, but close community. Students with different nationalities, experiences, interests and skills form the basis on which this community is built. Currently, Proto consists of circa 700 members and 35 committees, all held together by a full-time student board.

Besides organising lots of interesting activities for entertainment and/or educational purposes, the community also strengthens itself with its various ways of thinking: whether it’s more practical and technical, focused on design or art, or even business: everyone can deliver his or her input.


Where time is always the issue, creativity most certainly is not. With knowledge of user group habits, the latest sensors, interfaces, databases and their advantages and limits, Creative Technology and Interaction Technology students learn how to connect the right dots. Thanks to many brainstorm lessons and sessions, the students know how to step outside the box and let their ideas flow, whether it is on their own or within a (multidisciplinary) project group.


Combine creativity with technical knowledge and the possibilities are endless. Now include entrepreneurial mindsets and an eye for missing products and new innovations arise. Innovation and improvement of our daily life is the key feature to a Creative or Interaction Technologist’s philosophy.